Olympics start of "Museums. Parks. Manors"

Dear friends!
October 1, 2019 in our Museum starts a new season of the Olympics "Museums. Parks. Manors". Our Museum – the Museum of the Jewish History in Russia – will be happy to host high school students as before!
Participation in the Olympics is a special format for visiting the museum. A team or an individual participant passes a quest of questions throughout the museum exposition. These questions do not presuppose a preliminary or simultaneous excursion. And at the same time, it is impossible to answer them, drawing information from other sources. Therefore the secret of success is simple: be careful when reading questions and examining the labels of exposition, use actively your own knowledges – the accuracy of the answer always depends on erudition and attention!
The main conditions of the museum are:
- participation of schoolchildren of the required age category: our questions are designed for pupils of 8-9 and 10-11 grades. Little children just get tired or do not have basic knowledges on for the material of our museum;
- pre-booking by phone. The museum is not so large. The participants will work in more comfortable conditions, if they coordinate the visit in advance.
And further. Be sure to learn the rules. They become tougher with accompanying adults. Works that parents or teachers fill in place of children will not be accepted by the jury. Therefore, do not give them such a "service".
We wish all the participants good luck!
So ... everyone to start!