The new season of the school competition “Museums. Parks. Manors" started on the 16th of September 2022. The competition is held jointly by the city Departments of Education and Culture. The Museum of Jewish History in Russia is participating in this initiative for the sixth time. As before, the Museum welcomes high school students from 8th to 11th grade.
Participation in the competition is a special format of visiting the museum. A team or an individual participant sets on a quest through the Museum’s exhibition. The quest’s tasks do not require any specialized prior knowledge or an accompanying guided tour. 
The Museum’s conditions for participation in the school competition are:
- being in the required age group. Two separate sets of questions are designed for students of 8th-9th and 10th-11th grades. Younger children lack basic schooling for our material and just get tired;
- booking in advance by phone. We welcome the competition participants, during the museum's opening hours from 12:00 till 19-00, except Wednesdays and Sundays. The Museum’s premises are narrow, by booking the visit, the participants will enjoy a more comfortable environment. Please note that the Museum is closed on Saturdays.
Note also that the organizing committee made some changes to the rules for holding the competition and making the record of the answers. Read them carefully:


Our guided tours are back!

In September 2022 there were changes in our guide team. The schedule remains the same: you can use the services of guides on Wednesdays and Sundays. So:
Guided tours on Wednesdays will be conducted by Svetlana Pakhomova, a hebraist and culturologist, lecturer at the Moscow school of Social and Economic Sciences and at National Research University Higher School of Economics, specialist in Israeli and Jewish cinema. 
Guided tours on Sundays will be conducted by Maxim Gammal, senior lecturer at the Jewish Studies Department of Moscow State University. Maxim's special professional interest is the history of the Jews and Karaites in the Middle Ages and Modern times. 
These tours are free, they are held and last approximately for 1.5 hours. On other days the Museum is open for independent viewing of the exposition. We remind we accept groups of no more than 15 people are welcome, and we are always glad to guide individual tourists.


Why are there so many talents among Jews? Interview with Sergei Lvovich Ustinov

We talked with the founder of the Museum of the History of Jews in Russia, journalist and writer Sergei Ustinov, about the collection, favorite exhibits, and why Russian Jews were the poorest in the world. The interview is available at the link