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"Russian History in photographs": photo project resume

from 28-12-2022

Already a year and a half have passed since the Museum of Jewish History in Russia joined the project "Russian History in photographs", created by Yandex Publishing House on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, MAMM (Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow) and the Moscow City Department of Culture. We see the end of the year  as an opportunity to recount our participation in the project and to tell you more about our virtual exhibitions.
A distinctive feature of the project is the possibility to publish photos from personal archives and arrange them around a given topic. Photographic documents, which are commonly used in research, are wards of museum storage. Now, thanks to the project, there is a chance to see them online joined by an array of personal data or archival photographs. Specialists can find photographic evidence of long-past events or see the event through the eyes of one family.
In this short period of time, we have published several photo exhibitions:
- The history of the Victory in photographs: from the collection of the Museum of Jewish History in Russia;
- Where and how Jews studied in the Russian Empire: Jewish education in history and faces;
- Jewish theater outside the capitals (1910s -1970s);
- Moscow 5734: autumn holidays in the Choral Synagogue.

So far, all photos can be found in the section Sources - Institutions and Organizations - Museum of Jewish History in Russia. In the future, they will also appear in the Exhibitions section, which we will cover on the Museum's Facebook page and on the website.
History is facts, not interpretations. History relies on sources. Photography is one of them. Look at the photographs.