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Tyshler, Chaikov, Epstein and others…

from 06-03-2024

A new temporary exhibition “Jewish Avant-Garde. Chagall, Altman, Shterenberg and others” is hosting in the Jewish Museum and the Tolerance Center since March, 6. It is dedicated to one of the most striking periods in the culture of Russian Jewry.
After the revolution, talented Jewish artists and writers flocked to Moscow and Petrograd, where they played a vital role in the formation and development of the Soviet avant-garde. At the same time, thanks to the newfound freedom of creative thought, this period became a time of unprecedented national upsurge inside the Jewish culture, which sparked an interest in national folk art.
The exhibition demonstrates the evolution of the Jewish avant-garde in Russia – from the actualization of Jewish folk art, adaptation of its manner, and stylization of motifs to the avant-garde stage, expressed in a non-objective abstract form. The largest experimental venues for new Jewish art were national theaters, primarily the Moscow State Jewish Theater (GOSET). Therefore, a fairly extensive section of the exhibition is dedicated to the theater.
Our Museum presented a loan of more than 40 collection items to the exhibition – both examples of folk decorative art and graphic art pieces, including theatrical, by Tyshler, Chaikov, Altman, and other Jewish artists. 
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Museum opening hours during holidays

from 22-04-2024

Dear visitors!
The museum will be closed from 1st to 3rd and 
from 7th to 9th of May
From May 4th to May 6th inclusively and starting from May 10th the Museum will be open to the public every day except Saturday from 12-00 to 19-00 (on Sundays – until 18-00).
Both entrance to the Museum and guided tours are free! 
During the May holidays we offer guided tours only 
on the 4th of May.  Then as per usual from May 10th – twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. 
Please note that due to the preparation of the Parade, access to the Museum for cars and pedestrians may be hampered. Some changes have been made to the operation of public transport too.

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