May 19, 2018 – "Night at the Museum of the Jewish History in Russia"

May 19, 2018, on Saturday, has already become the traditional All-Russian action "Night at the Museum". On this day, museums open their doors to all comers in off-hour time and offer non-standard forms of activities. Our Museum will offer visitors a "Top 10 Museum of the History of Jews in Russia" quest, during which visitors will be offered to find 10 exhibits in the exposition - 10 small stories from the life of Russian Jewry.

The museum is waiting for visitors on Saturday, May 19, from 18-00 to 22-00! All interested persons at the entrance will be met by a guide and will issue an assignment. The last group will be able to enter at 21-30.

So: on May 19, 2013 at 18-00 the quest begins ...

To sign up for participation, as well as to learn the details of the event, you can call: +7 (495) 656-45-71.