A new season of the ‘Museums, Parks, Estates’ Academic Olympics opens in November 2016. As in the past, the Museum of Jewish History in Russia will be glad to welcome participating high school students!

Dear friends,

Please note that this year the rules for student participation in the Academic Olympics have changed. We ask that those wishing to take part in the tour at our museum familiarize themselves with the new rules on the organizers’ website: http://museum.olimpiada.ru/museums/169

The main conditions of the museum itself are as follows:

- Participating students must be in grades 8 to 11. Our questions are designed for these ages. Younger children simply get tired or do not have the schooling necessary for the museum’s material.

- Participants must register in advance by telephone. The museum has limited space, so advance registration allows for a more comfortable and appropriate working environment.

The Academic Olympics will continue until 31 March 2017.

Our museum awaits the participants and wishes everyone good luck!