Season of the school tournament «Museums. Parks. Manors» has been concluded

Dear friends!
On March 31, 2023 one more season of the school tournament «Museums. Parks. Manors» has been concluded. For our museum, this was not only a celebration of longstanding participation in a city-wide action, but also a small personal record. Almost a hundred more teams of high school students visited the Museum of Jewish History in Russia this year compared with the previous one. This number has grown from 333 to 424 and the number of individual participants has almost doubled!
We thank everyone for the interest taken in our quiz and exhibition! And we are sure that despite the level of our questions - they require a certain prior knowledge of history - to answer them is no problem for those, who cope with the school curriculum and do not rely only on tips on the Internet. In fact, according to our observations, those who tried to google the answers or copy them showed lower results. Those with a little more patience in half of the cases demonstrated outstanding results of the full 50 points! Сongratulations!