February 21 is the Tour Guide Day!

February 21 is the Tour Guide Day! So we decided to tell you more about those who teach you about our museum, the collection and exhibition. Moreover, we asked them a question about which exhibit is their “favorite” and quite by chance found out that deep inside they both like comics!
Guided tours on Wednesdays are conducted by Maria Kaspina, Ph.D. in Literature, Associate Professor at the Center for Biblical and Judaic Studies at the RSH University and coordinator of research and publishing projects at the Sefer Center.
Favorite item from the exhibition:
“Simchat Torah Flag (Hebrew, Russian)”. Warsaw: printing and publishing house A. Tasma (Tashma). 1902. The flag depicts Moses and Aaron, the scene of Binding of Isaac and the heraldic symbols of the tribes of Israel. These fascinating pictures are accompanied by quotes from the Bible and from prayers for Simchat Torah. It was on this holiday that children came to the synagogue with flags. But this is not her only favorite exhibit! Maria is a specialist in amulets and magical practices. Therefore, she will gladly tell you what the Jewish folk tradition suggests to do in any situation in life.
Guided tours on Sundays are conducted by Ilya Barkussky, Ph.D.in History, Associate Professor of the Department of Hebrew and Western European Languages of the Maimonides Academy, Kosygin University.
Favorite item from the exhibition:
A series of popular prints: “Reservist, leaving for the war” and “Young widow. A comrade brought a letter from the hospital that the reservist had died.” Vilna: Kh. Laskov publishing house. 1905 and 1906. The dramatic plot of these prints unfolds in the typical Jewish house interior, where one may spot some of the exhibits of our museum. This series of popular prints about the fate of the Jewish reservist can be considered a rare source of information about what the Jewish dwelling looked like in the Russian Empire.
Ilya is a historian, in a dispute his weapon is facts, not their interpretation. Therefore, it is always interesting to discuss with him both past and contemporary events.
Congratulations on your day, dear colleagues!